Join us for the march in the footsteps of heroes in 2018

Note from Robin Vrba

Maps of concentration camps Auschwitz I and II with marks showing the locations where Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler stayed

Video Invitation to Vrba-Wetzler Memorial 2017

The March in the Footsteps of Heroes 2016 as seen by students from Prague, with a message from many participants.

Invitation to March in the Footsteps of Heroes 2017

Join us for the upcoming March in The Footsteps of Heroes this summer 2017!

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Uncovering the Shoah: Resistance of Jews and Efforts to Inform the World on Genocide

Video lectures from Vrba-Wetzler Memorial 2015 in Zilina

Tomas Radil’s Story

Unarmed Resistance against Fascism and the Escape of Vrba and Wetzler from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp.

"The Footprint" - a coverage by Zuzana Piussi and Vít Janeček inspired by the march from Auschwitz to Žilina in August 2014