To my special friends on the 2017 Vrba Wetzler Memorial March

I want to thank everyone who joined the Memorial March over the last 4 years, and especially to thank those who devoted their work and time to make the March a success, ICEJ, Fedor Gal, Mojmir Kallus, and Peter Svec, and Robert Schmidt.

Rudi's daughter, Zuza Vrbova, had the vision to create this event in order to honor her father's achievement.  The Walk is a profound reflection of Zuza's spirit.  She once told me that the purpose in life is to connect with the soul of people who held a special place in her heart and she managed to accomplish this goal in her short life of 59 years.  Amazingly, I felt Zuza's spirit as we marched through the Polish hills and valleys, conversing with one another, reflecting on Rudi and Freddy's escape, who in their incredible act of heroism, left an indelible mark in the annals of history.

May the March continue for many years to come and inspire others to reflect on what "freedom" means to all of humanity.

Robin Vrba, August 2017